Sunday, April 24, 2011

People: Indian Community

Most Indians in Melaka are Tamils from South India who had, in the early days mostly inhabited the rubber plantations. However, it is not unusual to see them in various areas of trade including jewelry and fabric shops, whilst some are retail traders, merchants and money lenders.

Little India

Little India in Melaka consists of rows of shophouses dominated by Indian traders near the Jalan Bendahara and Jalan Temenggong intersection in Banda Hilir in Melaka.

Shops selling colourful women's accessories only add to the charm of Little India. The vibrant enclave provides most of the items needed by the Indian community and currently 25 traders operate there.

Indian traders have been conducting business in the area since hundreds of years ago. Walking along the narrow five-foot way, one will come across old men in their trademark sarong or dhoti and chewing betel leaves, and the women in colourful saris.


To some of the traders, Little India is more than a business-centre for the Indians it is a one-stop centre for them to buy their necessities.

Indian Deliciacies

Every year during Deepavali, part of Jalan Temenggong would be closed to make way for Indian cultural performances. During this time, you can savour Indian snacks like murukku, achi murukku and vadai. For those who enjoy banana leaf rice, there are Indian restaurants along both streets serving the delicious, spicy fare.