Monday, April 18, 2011

Transportation: Melaka Trishaws

Trishaw also known as tricycle rickshaw or pedicab, is undeniably one of the unique attractions in Melaka. Most of the tourists will be amazed on the efforts of decoration put on the trishaws in Melaka rather than other states in Malaysia. The decorated trishaws were one of the identity or icons of Melaka.

In olden days, before the rolling of industrialization age in Malaysia, trishaw was used as one of the main public transportation modes by residents in Melaka. Due to the modernization of lifestyle and popularization of other efficient transportation alternatives, trishaw has eventually been phased out from daily life of local residents.

However, fortunately, Melaka is one of the only state in Malaysia especially known for its heritage attractions; this has created another alternative of career opportunity for the trishaw drivers, to focus their service target on tourists.

Most if not all, of the trishaws in Melaka are mounted with the seat cabin side-by-side. Examples of place where you can easily find trishaw services available for hiring are The Stadthuys or Dutch Square, Porta de Santiago, and Equatorial Hotel Melaka.

The trishaws which are mainly serving tourism services are all very well and creatively decorated. In addition to artificial flowers arrangement, most of the trishaws are also equipped with an audio player to play popular songs or music at the passengers mother tongue. 

Not surprising, if you hear the Hokkien song playing for Taiwanese passengers. Besides, there are also seen some trishaws equipped with a small fan to ease the heat on scorching day.

In Malaysia, there are only 2 states known with trishaws aimed as tourism service which are Penang and Melaka. However, the trishaws in Melaka are still crowned as the best looking in the region. Sitting on Melaka trishaw for sightseeing tour is definitely a good experience.

Due to the mushrooming tourism value of trishaw services in Melaka, some of the irresponsible drivers have abused the opportunity to charge at irregular rate on tourists. Due to a number of complaints received, the Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB) or municipal council has taken some measures to regulate the trishaw services in Melaka.

At The Stadthuys, notices on the regulated or standard trishaw hiring rate are visibly seen. On your next visit to Melaka, take a note that the maximum trishaw service rate is fixed at RM40 per hour. Yes, it is regulated to be changed per hour, and never compensate beyond the maximum rate of RM40.