Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ronda-Ronda: Gadek Hot Spring

Gadek Hot Spring

Gadek Hot Spring is located in the District of Alor Gajah, approximately 30 km away from Melaka Town. It is now becoming one of the most popular attractions in Alor Gajah, both among locals and foreigners. It was believed that local villagers discovered the hot spring in the forest after watching some English soldiers settled around the spring. After the war, visitors from far and wide discovered that the hot spring had strong healing elements unlike many that they had encountered before. 

The biggest hot spring pool; Outer pool

Today visitors can enjoy the spa pool or the "Soak In Pool" for those seeking therapeutic cure for skin ailments. For those who has certain skin diseases will indisputably want to visit this attraction since the sulphuric water from this hot springs are known to be able to treat some skin diseases. Besides soaking in the relaxing waters, nearby this area are plenty of stalls selling souvenirs and authentic local food with a large playground for the young ones.

Thebiggest spa pool; Inner pool

See the legs huh?

A restaurant and playground is made available to provide additional attractions for visitors. An ideal spot for family outing. There is also a prayer room or Musollah for Muslim visitors, convenient toilets and bathrooms. Gadek Hot Spring is very popular place for students from UiTM and other colleges nearby. Students come and enjoy their overnight with friends here since it is open 24 hours daily!


It consist of Inner pools and Outer pools.  Inner pools provide visitors bathing and spa facilities. Outer pools is fenced due to the quality of the springs water (contain over rated Sulfur)  and not suitable for bathing.

This pool is not suitable for bathing

Entrance fee :
Adult : RM 4.00
Children : RM 2.00

It is advisable that to visit Gadek Hot Spring at night and the water temperature is between 45 – 60 degree Celsius.  The water is believed can cure various skin diseases. 

Wanna try? It's really hot!

Some overnight pictures at Gadek Hot Spring