Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ronda-Ronda: Middleburg Bastion

Middleburg Bastion is a section or a partial of A Famosa, located beside Malacca River Bank. Actually it was build by the Portuguese until the Dutch later added a structure which they named "Middleburg".

Efforts to enhance Malacca’s city status as a Unesco World Heritage Site will get a boost this April 3 following the opening of two restored historical landmarks here by the National Heritage Department.

After almost four years of painstaking archeological work and research, the Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry will officially open the restored section of the 16th Century Portuguese A Famosa Fort wall and the 17th Century Dutch era Middleburg Bastion next to the Malacca River.

The restored historical landmark was viewed as part of the government’s preservation and conservation effort to protect its heritage. The Middleburg Bastion has the potential of becoming a tourist’s attraction. At the same time, it showcases the state’s effort to preserve and conserve the ruins that have been restored. RM4.5mil was used to carry the archeological work and research on the ruins before it was restored to its present state.

The ruins of the fort wall and the Middleburg Bastion were discovered by chance in late 2006 following plans by the state to develop the Taming Sari revolving viewing tower next to the river.

A stop work order was issued by the National Heritage Department with subsequent archeological dig and research confirming the ruins were part of the ancient fort. The 1.5km fortress wall encircled the city was built by the Portuguese in the mid 1500s with Middleburg Bastion and Frederick Hendrick Bastion added by the Dutch in the 1600s.