Sunday, May 20, 2012

Museum: Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery

The Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery was inspired from the legendary Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng Ho), China’s distinguished sea admiral.  He was born in 1371 at Hodai, a village in Bao San province of Yunan.  His birth name was Ma Ho and his other name was San Bao.

The gallery showcases the Admiral’s journey to the Southern sea and his great feat in international relations where he established China’s great affiliation with the African and Asia countries leading to a prosperous and fair trading amongst them.

The location of this gallery is near the right facade of the Stadthuys building (The Museum of History & Ethnography) and in between the Literature Museum and the Democratic Government Museum.  Among its main exhibits are porcelains, ship replicas, collection of books about Admiral Cheng Ho’s life and adventures and some related articles about him.

This gallery was open for the public on February 2003 alongside the opening of the Museum of History & Ethnography and the reopening of Malaysian Youth Museum.

Operation Hour
9.00 AM- 5.30 PM
(Open Daily)

Admission Fee
Adult RM5.00
Children / Student RM2.00