Thursday, May 10, 2012

Museum: Museum of Custom and Tradition

The Museum of Traditional Custom is located at the Alor Gajah Square, next to the Alor Gajah Municipal Council’s Keris Monument.  This museum is approximately 25 kilometers away from Melaka Town.  The Traditional Malay House is the main identity for the museum.

The museum’s main focus is on the early history of Alor Gajah including displaying photographs of the district’s icons and exhibiting the Malay marriage customs and rituals with particular attention on the Regional Malays.  Among materials exhibited are the bridal stage, wedding accessories, porcelains and the customs and rituals appliances.

On 19th October 1990, the Melaka Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim bin Datuk Tamby Chik officiate this museum.  This building was under the management of Alor Gajah Municipal Council before it was taken over by PERZIM.

Built in 1989, this building initially known as Alor Gajah District Museum. This museum exhibits artifacts and the socio-economic activities of the local communities of Alor Gajah District. The role of the museum was later shifted to include the dissemination of knowledge to the public about the customs and traditions among the Malay society of Melaka.

The concept of the exhibition focuses on the history of Alor Gajah which includes the history of various prominent figures of the district and customs and traditions of the Malay wedding ceremony. Museum of Custom and Tradition also reflects the architecture of a traditional Malay house, which is now one of its main attraction.

Now Museum of Custom and Tradition has become a resource centre on information related to the customary practices of the local Malay wedding ceremony as well as wedding practices throughout the  archipelago. Various dioramas have been set up on important wedding ceremonial events such as the “akad nikah” (the bethrotal ceremony) and the “bersanding” (the wedding). The different types of “pelamin” (bridal ceremonial dias), display of a bridal room and traditional wedding costumes and garments are also exhibited in Museum of Custom and Tradition.

Operating Hours : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Free Entrance
Closed on Mondays
Tel. No. : +606-556 3875