Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nature Attraction: Bemban Hot Springs

Bemban Hot Springs is located at Bemban, Jasin is also known as Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Jasin was built on the historic site of Natural Hot Springs Pool which was first opened on May 1884. Situated in the tranquil village of Bemban (Kampung Air Panas), your journey will be filled by calm scenery of traditional village, vegetables farm and estates.

This hot springs is very popular because of the healing power of the water. Visitors or those therapeutic cure for skin ailments can take a dip in the spa pool at the hot spring. Besides it is an ideal spot for family outing or for those seeking cure for their skin ailments. Immerse your body in the hot water and then enjoy a goodnite sleep afterwards.

The content of mineral inside the hot springs had been authorized by a government recognized private laboratory, referring to a recent analysis done under the Laboratory reference number ‘Lab. No. :08 UK10.027.’ on 28th Oct 2008.

Fish Therapy

The mineral contents at Jasin Hot Springs are:

Magnesium – 0.022
Phosphorus – 0.53
Silica – 87.7
Sulfate – 11
Boron – 0.4
Calcium – 2.11
Chlorine – 0.15
Fluoride – 10.05

Apart from the thermal bathing pool and the phase by onsen pool, it also have normal swimming pool for children with very shallow water because the hot spring are too hot for children. Other facilities includes souvenir shop, small restaurant and washroom or changing room.

Children Pool

Jasin Hot Srpings,
Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Kg. Air Panas,
Mukim Bemban, Jasin, Melaka

Operation Hour:

Tuesday to Sunday (Close on Monday except for Public Holidays) to 12a.m midnight
Ticket Price: Adult RM5 / RM6 (public holiday)
Children RM RM2 / RM3 (public holiday)
Tel: 06-5210369.