Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homestay: Homestay Kampung Pulai

Kampung Pulai is located about 16.5 km to the south of Melaka Town and 7.8 km from Merlimau Town. The village was open by Daeng Taib, a Bugis about 150 years ago. He and his family live in the area called Pantai Gupung or Pulai Timur. 

During that time, most of the villagers who live along the Melaka Straits were Javanese and Bugis people. After Daeng Taib passed away, his son, Tok Dewa expanded the area and open new place for more houses and people to live in.

More villagers and outsiders move and live in the area from time to time and at the same time, Bugis people also move and open some new place or kampung in Serkam and Telok Mas. The name of the village, Pulai was taken from a type of tree that could be found there. 

Now, some of the villagers of Kampung Pulai have run the homestay program and the objective of the program is to educate tourists from all over the world about the uniqueness of Melakan Bugis culture, arts, traditions and their way of life.

Some of the attractions that could be found in Kampung Pulai include the making of Malay musical instrument called kompang. Kompang is one of the most popular Malay traditional instrument made of wood and cow or goat skin. This music instrument will be played during the Malay wedding ceremony and other official events of Melaka whereby to welcome the guest of honor and VVIP. 

Beside kompang, Kampung Pulai also popular with its crafts like parang. Parang is one of the Malay traditional weapon. Apart from that, Kampung Pulai also popular with traditional foods like dodol, wajik, tapai, pickles industry, iron tools and utensils and many more.

Come to Kampung Pulai and explore the Melakan Bugis Culture. You'll love the attractions, friendly people and delicious Malay traditional foods especially asam pedas and dodol. The homestay program is open for domestic and international tourists. In order to join the homestay program, you need to stay and overnight at Kampung Pulai at least one night. All homestay participant will stay with their adoptive parents and could use all facilities that provided. Breakfast, hi-tea, lunch and dinner will be provided.

One night rate:

Adult - RM120.00 per person

Child - RM60.00 per person

For more information about Pulai Homestay program, kindly call:
Tel:         +606 231 4343 (Mr Arshad)
+606 385 2330 (Office/Fax - Mr Yusof)
+606 384 5853 (Home)

Mr Arshad with red shirt and cap