Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Museum: Jasin Agricultural Museum

The Agriculture Museum is located at the heart of Jasin town, next to the Jasin District Police Station. A long time ago, Jasin district was the earliest producers of tin and agriculture products in Melaka. The museum was established to showcase the historical activities and the economy of the local people, especially in the fields of agriculture.

The museum was officially opened to the public in October 1990. The museum depicts the lifestyle of the local people, the history, background and the political, cultural and economic development of Jasin. Jasin is the largest district in Melaka and most of the lands are used for agricultural activities mainly Oil Palms plantations and a few Paddy (rice) Fields. In early 20th century Jasin was producing tin mining.

The Museum portrait history of the agriculture activities and local customs related to the agriculture. The museum exhibits tools use before the machinery invented and several type of agriculture by races in early 20th Century like Malay (Paddy Field), Chinese (Commercial crops), India (Rubber Estate). PERZIM have setup simulations and models exactly like the early agriculture era. 

The objectives are to educate younger people about local history and what their ancestor did towards developing the nation before Independence and early years after Independence.

Other facilities available include a mini garden and benches for relaxation. The museum is free for public. Closed on Monday and open from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Operation Hours:
9.00 am - 5.30 pm

Free Entrance
Closed on Monday

Tel. No. : +606-529 5837