Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Museum: Melaka Stamp Museum

Stamp is very valuable in term of the art, financial and historical from the collector point of view. They willing to put so much effort and spend a lot of money just to make sure that they can get the most precious and rarely can be found because it was published a long time a go. 

According to history, stamp has been created to make sure any letter or postal that have been sent via government post easily can be managed and send to the recipient. Thus it has a very long story and colouful as nice as their eye catchy designed. It's not an impossible the value of the stamp will increase as the time goes by.

The building previously known as the Old Melaka Museum or the Photo Shop, was originally used as the residence for Dutch dignitaries living in Melaka. During the British rule, this building still retained its original function until it was completely abandoned after the Second World War.

On 19th March 1954, G.E.W Wisdom the Resident Commissioner in Melaka, turned thus building into a museum. However in 1982, the museum was moved to the Stadthuys building. The Melaka Islamic Foundation (YIM) ran it operation in this building for several years before it was replaced by the Enforcement Unit of the Melaka Municipal Council until 1990.

Since this building was built during the Dutch period, the Department of Museum and Antiquity have gazetted it as an Old Monument according to Section 15 of the Antiquities Act 168/1976. This building has the shape and characteristics of western architecture, although the roofs, doors and windows are distinctly local. This building was constructed using local materials. So were the Malay and Chinese artisans.

After the Department of Museum and Antiquity restored this building in 2004, it was handed over to the Melaka State Government, This building now houses the Melaka Stamps Museum, which is managed by the Melaka Museums Corporation (PERZIM).

Admission Fees:
Adult RM1.00
Children / Student RM0.50

Operation Hour:
9.00 am- 5.30 pm (Open Daily)