Sunday, December 05, 2010

Info: Tun Teja's Mausoleum

Tun Teja or Khatijah Ratna Benggala, the daughter of Inderapura (Pahang) Prime Minister (Bendahara), Sri Amar Diraja during the era of Sultan Abdul Ghaffur Syah, the 3rd Sultan of Inderapura was convicted by Hang Tuah, the famous Malaccan warrior to come to Malacca and marry Sultan Mahmud Shah, the 8th Sultan of Malacca. She died as a queen of Malacca in Merlimau, about 24 km from Malacca Town, while retreating with members of Malacca royal family from Portuguese attacks.  

Her mausoleum is located in the middle of a paddy field in Pengkalan Samak, Merlimau (previously known as Solok Tun Teja or Menteja by local people). Tun Teja was a very beautiful women and during the time, all merchants who come to Malacca talking about her and the story about her beauty then heard by the Malacca Sultan, Sultan Mahmud Shah.

After the Queen Kecil (Tun Kecil) died, Sultan Mahmud Shah appointed Hang Tuah to go to Inderapura with the task of persuading Khatijah who was already engaged with Sultan Abdul Ghaffur Syah. Khatijah fell under the impression that Hang Tuah had come to Inderapura to persuade her to marry him, not the Sultan, and she agreed to elope with him to Melaka since Hang Tuah also well-known of his charming and good-looking all over Malay Archipelago. It was only during the voyage home Hang Tuah revealed his deception to Khatijah and with broken-hearted feels, he forced herself to love Sultan Mahmud Syah.

When Khatijah arrived in Malacca Palace, Sultan Mahmud Shah gave her the TUN title and from that moment, she was called as Tun Teja and a few days later, the royal wedding ceremony was organised and Inderapura Sultan can't do anything since the state was a part of Malacca and they need to obey and pay homage to Malacca. Queen Tun Teja gave birth to Malacca Sultanate heir, The Prince Crown, Raja (King) Ahmad.

Here are some pictures of Tun Teja's Mausoleum that I've visited last Friday:

The information board of Tun Teja's Mausoleum

The tomb's arch

A food stall beside the mausoleum, Seri Teja

Kuih stall

The stall was closed on the Friday

A straight pathway to the mausoleum

You'll see a  very nice and green paddy field at your right and left

This is Tun Teja's Mausoleum. Painted with white and her headstone covered with yellow cloths

An old well used by local people of Menteja or Pengkalan Samak

One of the story boards about Tun Teja

Nice paddy field view from here

This is one of the attraction in Merlimau area. I'll update other attractions from time to time. You should come here and learn the history about Tun Teja's tragic love story and at the same time, enjoy the magnificent and wonderful green scenic of Merlimau paddy field!