Sunday, March 11, 2012

Info: Kesidang

The Kesidang or Kerak Nasi is the common name known by the local Malaysian. While scientifically it is known as Vallaris glabra which belongs to the Apocynaceae family. It is a moderate woody climber and grows easily and does not need much care. 

The plant small, pretty white flowers grow in panicles of several blossoms in each bunch. Most people love to grow the plant beside their window as its fragrance is very noticeable during nights and early in the morning.

These small pretty flowers are suitable for home decorations due to its fragrance. It is the perfect plant to decorate the garden in temples , churches and wedding ceremony. The flowers are often used to adorn locales of various functions as well as other events and celebrations.

Traditional Malakan women, the Malay women, Nyonya ladies and Chitty women use bunches of these tiny, white flowers to beautify their hair at bridal rituals and special occasions as it serves as natural perfume for them.

The fragrance is light and lingers in the air creating a magical feeling. These tiny flowers are often mixed with other perfumed plants for the preparation of bunga rampai. Bunga rampai is the local pot-pourri used mainly at Malay weddings during the 'berinai' ceremony.

The Peranakan put the bunga rampai on their wedding beds to create a romantic atmosphere for the first night. This beautiful flower is also the official state flower of Melaka.

The flowers, just like the small sized Melaka, though small, its beauty and fragrance will capture your senses just like the Historical State of Melaka capture your hearts with its friendly multiethnic people and unique cultural.