Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Homestay: Agrotourism Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu

I live in Kampung Parit Penghulu which is located within an area of a homestay program called Arotourism Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu. It is located in Sungai Rambai, about 30 km (25 minutes) from Malacca Town and about 15 km from Muar Town. It is located at the borders of Johor and Malacca.

The homestay is well-known and famous with its Java and Malay community. Majority of the local residents in the homestay are Javanese and there are some Malay also live there. The homestay managed to won the Best Homestay Award for 2008 / 2009 from The Malacca Tourism Promotion Division Deprtment because of the excellence services they provide to guests and their facilities. 

The homestay was established in 2005 and the Homestay is managed by Encik Suparman Abu. Here are the packages offered by Agrotourism Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu:

1. Package A (Day Trip) RM 50 (per pax) - Minimum 30 pax, trip / visit to village, traditional houses, paddy field, batik demonstration, weaving, inclusive of breakfast, lunch and hi-tea.

2. Package B (2 Days 1 Night) RM 100 (per pax) - Minimum 30 pax, trip / visit to village, paddy field, rubber tapping demonstration, harvesting palm oil, batik demonstration, cottage industry (IKS), traditional house, cultural show. (Stay with adoptive family inclusive of meals).

3. Package C (3 Days 2 Nights) ,RM 150 (per pax) - Minimum 30 pax, trip / visit to village, paddy field, rubber tapping demonstration, harvesting palm oil, batik demonstration, coco-fiber brush demonstration, explorace, traditional sports, traditional house, cultural show. (Stay with adoptive family inclusive of meals).

4. Package D - Camp Facilities: RM 40 - RM 50 per pax a day (Depends on menu). Inclusive of 6 times meals a day, hostel, hall, prayer room, canteen, PA system and chalets for secretariat. Modul for activites are provided with certain fees

Additional Service Provided:

Photography Service
Contact No: 013-6941998 (Paan), 012-4589341 (Emy)

Tourist Attractions and Activities:
Cultural Show
Community Friendliness
Beautiful Scenic and Panorama of Malay Traditional Village
Local / Traditional Sports
Batik Industry
Rattans and Mengkuang Weaving
Paddy Field
Fruits Farm
Palm-Oils Plantation

Cafe & Karaoke
Fishing Pond
3G Coverage & Wifi.
Hostel Camp (Dorm & Chalet).
Explorace Path
Town Hall
Cultural Stage

Here are some pictures of Agrotourism Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu:

Camp Signboard

Encik Suparman Abu (left)

Single Bed Room

Queen Bed Room

Traditional House

Paddy Field

Malacca Limas House

Anjung of the house

Malacca Traditional Limas House

Paddy field

A small river

Paddy irrigation system (ban / tali air)

Fish pond

Beautiful panorama of paddy field, you may even see Mount Ophir from here

Watter irrigation system (tali air)

Irrigation system of the paddy field

Pump House

Lotus lake

Flood meter


Lotus pads

You could see lotus are everywhere

A well for dry season

Buffalows field

You'll enjoy watching buffalows here

One of the buffalow wallow (kubang kerbau)


D' Bendang Cafe and Restaurant

Pavilion and a stage for cultural show

Beautiful panorama of paddy field

I love the panorama and beautiful scenery of green paddy field, Mount Ophir, Kesang River, birds and also fruits plantation. If you're lucky, you could also see some birds like puchong stepping on lotus pads to catch beetles and fish. There are also a rare species of bird been released by the Department of Wildlife to live in this area. Besides that, the beautiful panorama and paddy field also attracts some birds like bangau, raja udang (king fishers), layang-layang (martin), owls, wild ducks and swans. 

The local community who live here are friendly and they are well-known for their delicious Javanese concept cuisine and Malay adaptation with local taste like nasi ambeng (ambangan), tempe, sambal lada hiris, acar betok (puyu), gomblong (pulut kelapa), pulut kunyit, tapai ubi, tapai pulut, bubur putih bubur merah, telur pindang, masak pindang, asam pedas, asam rebus, masak pati santan, cendol pandan serani, bingka ubi, gaplek, tiwel and so on. The Java and Malay people have assimilated with each other and they live harmonily.

You should come and experience this homestay program. You could see many cottage industry and try some local cuisine of Southern Malacca area. 

For more information about this homestay program, kindly contact Encik Suparman Abu:
Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu,
KM 32, Jalan Parit Penghulu,
77400, Sungai Rambai,

Tel:019 - 644 2380 / 06-2650681
Faks:06-265 8050