Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Museum: Kites Museum

This museum is located on the fourth floor of the building housing the People's Museum in Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. The museum was officially opened by the Chief Minister of Melaka in September 1995 in conjunction with the 'Regional Malay Customs' seminar.

The museum explicates how, since its invention, the kite has served Man as a means of long distance communication, a weapon of war, a sport and as a leisure activity. The museum also displays how kites are made in various countries, the different materials they are made with, and the role kites play in the cultural life of the people of those countries.

The museum displays kites, traditional and modern, of different shapes and sizes, from many different parts of the world. The Nusantra Wau is also on display.

The Museum of Kites is a must for all and not just kite lovers, as the museum reveals the important role that kites have played in Man's progress. 

Operation Hour:
9.00 AM- 5.30 PM
(Open Daily)

Admission Fees:
Adult RM 2.00
Children/Student RM 0.50