Sunday, July 15, 2012

Museum: Submarine Museum

The RM12.5 million submarine museum showcasing the French-made SMD Ouessant Agosta 70 class submarine, deemed a waste of money by some quarters, is expected to attract about 500,000 tourists and visitors to Malaysia’s “historical state” by the end of the year.

The museum had drawn 53,737 visitors, a figure that could well reach 500,000 by December. The figure included 10,000 tourists. Based on the popularity and returns generated, the cost of bringing in the former French navy submersible from Brest had become irrelevant. The museum also acts as an information centre for those interested in knowing more about submarines.

Reputed to be the first and only Submarine Museum (Muzium Kapal Selam) in Malaysia which opened to public on 22 November 2011 for 10 days and closed for refurbishment work and reopened on 17 December 2011.  One of the main attraction of the Submarine Museum is that it houses the decommissioned Agosta 70 class submarine named SMD Ouessant.

Built in 1979, the French made submarine measured 67.57 meter in length, 11.75 meter in heigh and 6.5 meter in width. SMD Ouessant was previously used for training submarine crew in Malaysia from 2005 to 2009 following the acquisition of two submarines by the Ministry of Defense of Malaysia.

Dataran 1Malaysia, Pantai Klebang Melaka

Admission Fee:
Adult – RM3
Children – RM1
50% discount is available for senior citizen.