Monday, April 23, 2012

Nature Attraction: Bukit Batu Lebah Recreational Forest

Bukit Batu Lebah or also known as Bee Hives Hill is located in the forest reserved of Bukit Senggeh in Jasin district. It situated about 20km from a small town named Selandar. The hill called Bukit Senggeh is a fractions from range of Mount Titiwangsa. Its area is about 208 hectar. Bee Hives Hill is about 500m to 600m from the sea level famous for its wide range of big rocks formation.

Local people called it Bee Hives Hill because once there are many bee hives along the caves and rocks. You can find rock similar to a snake head, ship and many small caves (actually a hole or oppening). You can find wild boar and monkey species like gibbons and loris. It is a nice place for daily activities like jungle trekking, team building or training camp, as the forest is small and have a good and clear track signage.

road to bukit batu lebah

The attraction is suitable as a starting ground for beginner hikers before climbing the higher mountain. At the middle of the hill, there is a rock platform that was naturally made over thousand years ago. 

Arrive At the Top

From the rock platform, you can enjoy the nature scenery of Kampung Bukit Senggeh and its surrounding areas. On the horizon, you might also see the straits of Melaka. By using binocular, you can see clearly the ships in the bussiest straits.


Besides, you can also see many bee hives at the rock. There are also plenty of unique rocks with different shapes and look. You also can have the experience walk through the small cave there. Bee Hives Hill is also the home for a variety of birds, small mammals, reptiles and different species of monkeys. 

The Ministry of Tourism allocated RM 7.7million to upgrade the facilities here including the Sungai Udang recreational forest and Linggi coastal mangrove forest.

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