Friday, April 22, 2011

Ronda-Ronda: Portuguese Well

The Portuguese Well is located at Kampung Pengkalan Samak near Tun Teja's Mausoleum and Merlimau Traditional House or also known as 'Rumah Penghulu Nattar'. 

It's just around 5 minutes drive from Merlimau town and 15 minutes drive from Sungai Rambai.

This well was dug by the Portuguese soldiers during their 130 years rule in Melaka. Sultan Mahmud Syah fled to Muar after the fallen of Melaka Empire. 

He often invaded the Portuguese in order to regain Melaka. The soldiers were stationed there to protect Merlimau from enemy's attack who came from Muar.

This historic well is not very far from Tun Teja's Mausoleum, but visitors often skip it due to poor publicity. The surrounding of Portuguese Well is well maintained and linked with tarred road now, so if you are planning to come to Melaka via Muar road, lets pay a visit here.

The location of the well is quite remote. You might see cows along the road to and palm oil trees. The government should do something to preserve the site and promote as a tourist attraction.