Sunday, October 24, 2010

Culture: Melaka Art Brigade / Briged Seni Melaka

Briged Seni Melaka or Melaka Art Brigade is an official cultural dance & music performing group for the State Government of Melaka.

Established in 1989 with a mission to to promote Melaka Cultural art and dance as one of the tourism products and introduce it throughout the country. Performance by Briged Seni Melaka are including many dance type that is choreograph for all aspect of Malaysian multi – racial community especially in Melaka that have Chinese, Indian, Baba – Nyonya, Chitty and Portuguese.

This aspect also blend with modern and contemporary dance to suit all occasion but not compromising the fineness of the movement and the dance gait. Now the group are going global with experience in performing dance in country like Germany, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Russia and many more.

The group also have their own multi skills combo that can play all sort of music like traditional Malay (unplugged), Gamelan and also pop-rock. Briged Seni Melaka has won many titles in the country such as National Champion of Traditional Music (Johan Muzik Asli Kebangsaan), National Champion of Live Band Group (Johan Pertandingan KUGIRAN Peringkat Kebangsaan), Champion of Malay Dance Festival Palembang Indonesia and National dance Festival 2007 by Ministry of Culture & Arts.

Now Briged Seni Melaka also providing performance package for corporate bodies and individual who are interested to use their service with affordable cost.

The package includes:
1) Dance and Live music, with singing from briged seni artist. Duration of the performance between 45min to 2 hours.2) Live Music Package (with singing).

You can choose from Malay and English song to suit the ceremony/occasion.3) Traditional Dance Package with ethnic dance like Malay, Chinese, India, Portuguese, Baba-Nyonya and Chetty with minus one.4) Welcoming VIP package with traditional Malay Royal treat like full dress warrior and handmaiden, welcoming dance and martial art dance.

The package can include kompang play (10 men) and Malay custom welcoming apparatus like sirih junjung, bunga pahar and bunga manggar.

Briged Seni Melaka
No. 7, Rumah Kerajaam,
Bukit Peringgit,
75450 Melaka.
Tel : 06-2882797
Fax : 06-2882581/ 06-2882951