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Event: Melaka Art & Performance Festival (MAPFEST) 2010

Date: 26 - 28 th November 2010
Venue: St. Paul's Hill
Free Admission

MAPFEST. Building on the success of last year's pilot initiative, over the next three days, you will see artists from Malaysia, Australia and across Asia responding to the festival themes and sites in performance, visual arts, film and participatory projects.

Old ruins and heritage sites of Melaka are a part of our own lived history. They give us a sense of continuity with the old ways while giving us pause to reflect on modern times. Through performance, artists respond to the focus on ‘Spaces in Transition’.

This festival remains free and accessible for all. Continuing Melaka's rich history as a centre for meetings and exchange between cultures, it will create opportunities for artists and art lovers to share in each others' work and perspectives. All are invited!
Look who's coming. DAR!

DAR with participants and artists

Cool, i think this is one of the workshop organize by them

Go ballons go! Fly away so high..

An art made of apples and oranges protctors or covers

Festival Program


Site-specific performances in Melaka’s historical sites by Malaysian & international artists across the festival program.
(Sat-Sun 27-28 Nov 3-6pm @ Sites 1-8 – check signage on the day for full details)

Cerita Pendek - Short Works
A menu of exciting new dance, theatre and performance offerings from international artists: Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos/France, Japan, Korea and Australia. (Fri 26 Nov 8pm @ Site 1, St Paul’s Church)

Zero Zero
Thought-provoking new duet performance work by Tony Yap (Malaysia/Aust) and Yumi Umiumare (Japan/Aust)
(Sat 27 Nov 8pm @ Site 1, St Paul’s Church).

Eulogy for the Living
Large scale performance work by international artists, to end the festival (Sun 28 Nov 8pm @ Site 1, St Paul’s Church)


15/15 Film Festival 2010 Premiere
The Malaysian premiere of short films produced by participants of the 2010 15/15 Film Festival competition: entertaining and varied. (Sat 27 Nov @ Site 4, St Paul’s Church, 9pm)


Visual Arts
A curated program of exciting, contemporary work by Malaysian and International artists including installation, video art, photography and painting. (Fri-Sun 26-28 Nov 10am -7pm @ Sites 9 & 10 TTCL Centre & No. 8 Heeren St)

Secrets, Wishes & Fears
Secrets, Wishes and Fears is an interactive installation that uses handwritten messages from audience participants, transferred to an array of coconut leaves set within a multimedia architectural installation inside the side room of St.Paul’s Church. The work expresses a collective empathy for everyone’s secrets, wishes, and fears. The project began its development during the 2009 Festival and was hugely popular with audiences. This year the work includes some exciting new partnerships – with composer Frank (Holland), and an installation design collaboration by Architecture students and staff from University Malaya and Taylor’s University (Kuala Lumpur).

This new iteration responds to the Festival theme of ‘Turning Around’, from the story of Prince Parameswara. Just as the mouse deer becomes a sign of transformation for animating life and creating a place, so too the flags become universal signs of deeper feelings that are always changing their nature, passing on and turning around. Here we find the innermost part of ourselves, a living heritage of connection to nature, culture and community.

Future development towards the 2011 Festival involves plans to translate the messages into a layered multimedia environment. You are all welcome to participate in this unfolding process – homage to our collective secrets, wishes and fears.

Concept / Producer: Tony Yap

Composer: Frank Gonzalez

Installation Design: Architecture students from University Malaya and Taylor's University, Kuala Lumpur

Installation Design Facilitators: Noor Mahnun Mohamed, Cheah Khai Kid,
Dr.Veronica Ng

Liaison / Support: Michael Hornblow

Nomadic Gardens
333 helium-inflated nomadic gardens in balloons, filled with sprouted seeds as a metaphor for the abundance though precarious nature of life. These floating gardens have the potential to land on auspicious ground and grow plants across the site of the festival and beyond. (Fri 26 – Sun 28 Nov 6pm @ Site 1 St Paul's Church)


(BANDS - Environmental Themes)
(Sat-Sun 27-28 Nov 3-6pm @ Sites 1-8 – check signage on the day for full details)

A local Indie Band reveling in the Rock / Experimental Genre. “...vivid imagination of deep chaotic emotions and restless soul...”

Goodbye 20th Century!
A band exploring the outer boundaries of indie rock.

Shh... Diam
A young all-women band emerging with a mix of rock, punk, freestyle.


Forum / discussion / Q&A
A panel of festival artists will discuss the themes of diaspora art and the relationship between traditional and contemporary practices. (Sun 28 Nov 11am @ Site 10 TTCL)

Dance Workshop – Jatilan
Open to all, this workshop will focus on Jatilan, a foundational Javanese Dance technique. Agung Gunawan and Tony Yap will link
traditional and contemporary practices through the spirit of Jatilan. (Pre-registration essential). (Friday 26 Nov 11am @ Site 4 St Paul's Hill)

Sites for MAPFEST 2010

An article about MAPFEST
Taken from The Star Metro, 26 january 2010

MALACCA: The overwhelming response to the state’s pilot Art and Performance Festival (MAP Fest) has the organisers already planning one for this year.

The three-day festival organised by E-plus Entertainment Productions was one of the major events to round out 2009.

Many of the festival-goers made the trip from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and various other states in Malaysia to catch the site-specific performances, art installations and 15/15 film festival featuring short films from international directors.

STREET ART: Brendan O’Connor performing to an audience.

The programmes, all of which were free, were listed in huge prints at strategic spots.

The site-specific performances that took place at seven locations around the historical hill of St Paul were the highlight.

Site-specific performance is a repertoire inspired by the site where the artist performs.

MESMERISING: Indonesian performer Agung Gunawan inspiring the audience.

Colourful banners decorating the old city square and hillside helped create a more festive atmosphere.

Crowds cheered, danced along to music and watched the artistic performances with rapt attention and often left hungry for more.

A downpour on one of the evenings failed to stop the dance artists who assimilated the weather into their performance.

One of the most interesting art installations was a tree covered with the thoughts, wishes, fears and deepest secrets of hundreds of people written on coconut leaves.

The writings, in a multitude of languages, have been archived to be used for a future sound installation.


ENTHRALLING: A view of the St Paul’s Church ruins during the event at night.

The key events, Budak Melaka and Eulogy For the Living, transformed the ruins St Paul’s Church into a magical experience with integrated dance, music, performance art and video images like a living fresco on the walls and ceiling. Even nature provided a full moon as the celestial lantern.

Meanwhile, the 15/15 film festival was screened at an open space. It provided filmmakers, including budding talents, a chance to tell their stories.

For the festival-goers, history was living through the arts in poetic languages that moved them.

The organisers are now in search of sponsorships for a fuller version of the MAP Fest this year, at which they plan to also hold a workshop on making short films.

For more info, kindly contact:
E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd,
B806, Block B, Kelana Square,
No. 17, Jln SS7/26, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

Tel: +603.74.919.233
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