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Sayang Melaka at Innovation & Business Strategy Beyond Profit in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry Exhibition

Sayang Melaka Welcomes the Judges

Destination Branding: Sayang Melaka

Melaka State dubbed Malaysia’s unofficial historic capital was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 is one of the country’s most unassuming states. Boasting a good blend of historic, nature and culture attractions Melaka is also home to plenty of great food, melting port of cultures and graceful arts. The uniqueness and fame of Melaka as Malaysia’s historical city is very important for the state to attract visitors and tourists from all over the world, generate economic growth as the result of tourism development and become a well-known branding for every single Malaysian and foreigners. Travelers’ images of destinations play an important role in destination choice. Even though the concept of branding has been applied extensively to products and services, tourism destination branding is a relatively recent phenomenon. Therefore, the Sayang Melaka is a new approach of destination branding that must be developed extensively in order to encourage Malaysian and travelers to love, know and aware of Melaka uniqueness and as the medium of advertising and promoting the state throughout the world.

Definition and Concept
 “A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.”

Kotler, Philip. (2000). Marketing management: The millennium edition. Prentice-Hall, p. 404
Destination branding is a process used to develop a unique identity and personality that is different from all competitive destinations.

Destination branding is “selecting a consistent brand element mix to identify and distinguish a destination through positive image building” (Cai, 2000)

“Branding is perhaps the most powerful marketing weapon available to contemporary destination marketers” (Morgan and Pritchard, 2002, p. 11)

Based on the above definition, destination branding is about combining all things associated with the 'place' for example its products and services from various industries (agriculture, tourism, sports, arts, investment, technology, education, etc.) that collaborate under one brand. Its aim is to capture the essence of the destination, in a unified manner, and can be consumed simultaneously at a symbolic and experiential level. It is then used to market those unique added values to consumer needs and sustaining its success in the face of competition. Therefore, the branding of Sayang Melaka is necessary for the state to create differences from other destinations as well as to promote the brand and its tourism destination.

Sayang Melaka Objective:
A way to communicate Melaka’s unique identity to visitors
As a means of differentiating Melaka from its competitors
A uniform “look” that all destination partners can consistently use
A symbol, name, term or design, or combination of these elements

1.    Drive the Melaka State to become more ‘attractive’ for visitors and travelers
2.    The use of Sayang Melaka branding  will ensure a consistent positioning for the state
3.    Conveys excitement and quality for travelers
4.    Expresses Melaka’s personality
5.    Melaka will become memorable tourism destinations among travelers
6.    Enhancing the uniqueness of Melaka

Phase 1: Market investigation, analysis and strategic recommendations
Phase 2: Brand identity development
Phase 3: Brand launch and introduction – communicating the vision
Phase 4: Brand implementation
Phase 5: Monitoring, evaluation and review

Sayang Melaka Brand

What is the “core personality” of Melaka as a visitor destination?
Promoting Melaka as the most versatile tourism destination with all its 12 tourism sub-sectors being promoted extensively (history, culture, recreation, sports, convention (MICE), health, education, agro, makan-makan (gastronomy), Melaka my second home, youth and shopping)

What positive images do visitors have of Melaka?
Melting pot and mix of culture, the most clean and safe tourism destination in Malaysia, unique and wonderful architectures

What positive images do residents have of Melaka?
The sustainability of historical sites, traditional houses and called as the ‘living museum’ of Asia by UNESCO

What are the words or phrases that best describe Melaka?
1.    Melaka Hang Tuah State (Melaka Negeri Hang Tuah) -1950
2.    Melaka Historic City (Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah) – 2003
3. Visist Historic Melaka Means Visist Malaysia (Melawat Melaka Bersejarah Bererti Melawat Malaysia) - 2005
4.    Kunjungilah Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah! - 2006
5.    Melaka Bandaraya Warisan Dunia – UNESCO (Melaka World Heritage City – UNESCO) - 2008
6.    Melaka Developed State 2010 (Melaka Maju 2010) - 2010
7.    Melaka Green Technology City (Melaka Maju Negeriku Sayang, Negeri Bandar Teknologi Hijau) - 2012

What symbols or key images are associated with Sayang Melaka?
The red heart-shaped with Melaka coat of arms symbolizes the state to be loved by everybody

What concepts, ideas, events, and icons are associated with Sayang Melaka?
Go green - Green technology concepts, a pair of mouse deer mascots representing the Melaka State icon.

What do Sayang Melaka have that no-one else has?
1.    Develop our own logo
2.    A pair of mascots representing Melaka State Icon (Dang Wangi and Hang Jebat)
3.    Promotional tools or merchandise to be sold (button badge, lanyard, t-shirt, plush toys, key chains, fridge magnet, hand fan, pen)
4.    Interesting promotional approach by using blogspot, facebook, e-mail (newsletter), e-brochure
5.    Supporting the Melaka State Go Green campaign by developing e-brochure that will not be printed out for the sake of environmental awareness
6.    Multilingual articles

Sayang Melaka branding already has been implemented and invested over the long term to generate economic growth from tourism sector so that the state will be more competitive, memorable and interesting for not just to travelers but also for residents of Melaka. Besides, the destination branding for the state is also crucial to enhance the Melaka’s unique and own-able qualities that make it different from other places.

What makes us different?
1. Active
2. Attractive
3. Interactive
4. Innovative
5. Creative

Thank You Judges