Sunday, July 15, 2012

Museum: World Bee Museum

Located near the Ayer Keroh toll, this is both a museum and shop where you can learn about different bee species around the world, and purchase related products such as honey. Madu Lebah Soon Lee ( M’sia ) Sdn Bhd operates the museum daily including public holidays from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

You will be surprised to discover details about the many species of bees that exist in our world , its lifestyle and behaviour. Here you will learn how bees are bred for honey.

On display at the museum are various products from honey bee raw material including:

Honey – the natural sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of flower blossoms.

Propolis – beehive products from buds, flowers and tree bark which contain honey, pollen and royal jelly known to have healing properties.

Royal Jelly –gland secretions used by bees to feed Queen Bees that have unique natural hormones, vitamin B-complex, pantothenic acid etc that have rejuvenation effects for better physical performance, better memory, improved immune systems and sexual desire making those who consume it less prone to viral bacteria and illness.

Bee Venom – contains 18 active substances that are used for bee venom therapy for the treatment of arthritis, asthma, acute and chronic injuries, multiple sclerosis as well as treatment of scar tissues.

Drone Pupas - immatured form of bees that provides and enhances energy for the human body as well as improve skin deterioration thereby delaying ageing. Also taken to prevent heart disease, nausea, urination problems, lung disease and women sexual organ diseases.

Entrance Fee:

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