Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Entertainment: The Jetty

Nightlife in Malacca town is varied. When the sun goes down, most of the restaurants remain open but the pubs, clubs and discos take precedence. Those after more feisty entertainment, at the clubs and pubs, need to head to Melaka Raya. You can choose to spend your time at the hotel bars – which are decidedly classy albeit moderately quiet – or you can choose to hang around the city centre to find a club which suits your taste.

The good thing about Malacca is that it is studded with watering holes so you can choose to enjoy your drinks indoors or sip your drinks on the outside boardwalk. Belt out cheesy tunes at GoGo KTV till 2 a.m. or spend the night listening to the thumping good hip hop beats spun by DJ Tokyo at Pure Bar and dance the night away at The Cube. It goes without saying that Malacca nightlife allows plenty of scope for visitors to join the party despite being a small town.

Arena – The Jetty

A complex that houses fine dining restaurants, trendy caf├ęs and a karaoke lounge, The Jetty is a prominent nightspot of visitors due to its convenient location. At the foot of the jetty in front of Holiday Inn, Arena – a glass walled night spot with a big stage for live performances and a hopping band – draws in a crowd on the weekends.

The Jetty

You could see the night view of Melaka Straits Mosque from here

Melaka Raya from The Jetty