Sunday, December 05, 2010

Makan-Makan: Sawit Corner

Last week my special friend and I went to Port Dickson. My friend; wink2* =) introduced me a stall that is very popular at the area called Sawit Corner. We stopped our journey and have our lunch there. Sawit Corner is a Malay owned stall in a palm oil plantation near Sungai Udang. This stall is located under the palm oil tree and you could easily find the stall if you use the old Malacca-Port Dickson Road. 

If you come from Malacca, the stall is on your right. You'll see a yellow signboard and before it you could find a lemang stall. Sawit Corner is very popular among local people and tourists because they usually stop there for lunch and having some meals after return back from Port Dickson. Among popular menu of Sawit Corner includes asam pedas, chicken rice, nasi lemak, western set, noodles, fish head curry, cendol and many more. 

For cendol lovers like me, you could enjoy free additional cendol here. I like the environment of the stall, it's clean, comfortable and away from air pollution. The owner also provides some facilities for customers such as gazebo (wakaf), toilets, musollah (surau) and a fish pond. You could see some big Arapaima Gigas (dragon fish originally from Amazon) in the pond. 

If you don't like cendol, you might choose wide variations flavor of ice-creams and ABC (Air Batu Campur) - a mixture of Malay traditional red syrup, cincau, lychee, nuts, barley seeds, selasih, kembang semangkuk, agar-agar, milk and so on into a bowl of blended ice. Sound tasty right? Yeah, most Malaysian love this dessert especially during lunch while the weather is hot.

Here are some pictures of Sawit Corner:

You'll find they only have big and long tables (easy for family)

Cendol counter

The customers and foods are protected from fallen leaves and dust from palm oil trees by the black net

A traditional way to avoid and chase flies and beetles

Nice view. A happy big family having lunch at the stall

My lunch set; rice, asam pedas ikan kembong, half salted egg, sambal belacan and some veges 

Yummy! Shocked at first, such a very big plate. Cool!

My friend's lunch set; nasi lemak served with bumbu fried chicken, ikan bilis, salted fish, fried kangkung and sambal. Yummy!!

Sawit Corner from the road

The signboard of Sawit Corner stall

A bunting for cendol promotion. Cendol lovers, go get your cendol now!!

A lemang stall beside Sawit Corner

I would like to recommend you to come and taste the foods if you use the road to Port Dickson. You'll like and love their foods and environment surrounding very much!