Thursday, January 06, 2011

Makan-Makan: Restoran Lot 85

Restoran Lot 85 is located in Durian Daun, Melaka. It offers Melaka’s local delicacies, famous among the locals too! These delicious local delicacies include satay celup (skewered seafood cooked in peanut sauce), cencalok (fermented shrimp relish), rojak (fruit and vegetables salad), dodol (a sweet sticky palm sugar delicacy) and cendol (cold dessert with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup). 

The signature menu for this restaurant is briyani rice served with mutton, beef or chicken kurma, dalca / pencuk (veges), papadom (Indian’s crunchy snack), dhal and curry.

Briyani Rice

Beef Kurma



You’ll get to see office workers nearby comes in a big crowd during lunch break enjoy their meal here. So, it’s best to go during lunch hour. I suggest that you might go earlier or maybe after lunch hour to avoid cramping with them. 

Malay cuisine the best choice during lunch because they are cheaper and preparing them consume lesser time than other cuisine. It’s the best choice to have a quick meal and this restaurant is the best for its quick and friendly service.