Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ronda-Ronda: Tanjung Bidara

Sunset in Tanjung Bidara

Tanjung Bidara commands a magnificent sweep of the state's coastline, and its beach is very popular among locals as well as foreigners. It is located 10 km from Masjid Tanah Town, Alor Gajah and 35 km north of Melaka Town. Amenities include parking lots, public toilets, children's playgrounds and food stalls.

Tanjung Bidara is located between Melaka and Port Dickson, it is quiet and well away from the main road, and though the water is murky, the sandy beaches are pleasant and there is abundant greenery. 

Tanjung Bidara is not jus suitable for picnic, it is one of the best place for camping and other recreational activities. The main beach is at the Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort, where there are also food stalls.