Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ronda-Ronda: Melaka Traditional House, Padang Sebang

Melaka Traditional Houses could be seen as symbol for Melaka Malay community. The wooden houses with fine carvings and architecture always be the major attractions for tourists who love to learn and experience the Malay culture and way of life. 

One of the best Melaka Traditional House is located in Padang Sebang, Alor Gajah owned by Tuan Hj Hashim. This house was unique and influenced by Melaka Malays and Minang community who came from Sumatera, Indonesia. 

From the observation, you might see the architecture and shape of the roof. It looks like Bumbung Panjang House from Negeri Sembilan but adapted to local architecture whereby the decorative flower-motive tiled steps, verandah, pillars and window carvings were built to suit with Melaka house style.

Melaka Traditional Houses are the most unique house in Malaysia. You might see the steps were well-docorated with imported tiles from Italy, China and Rome. 

It was also influenced by Acheh, Chinese, Minang, India, British and Portuguese architecture. The word verandag or berandah came from Portuguese word. 

In Melaka, there are so many traditional houses that could be found and each of them were different and have their own style of architecture. The original Melaka Traditional House has a room under the roof called peran which was used to hide their daughters from outsiders.

Nowadays, many of Melaka Traditional Houses are abandon by todays generations who don’t want to preserve the house anymore. Only some of the houses preserved by the Melaka Museum Corporation (PERZIM).